Cookbook Update and Some Other Stuff…

Hi all-

Early this week, we got an email from Robert at Vanguard with the 1st copy of the manuscript to proof! To say we were thrilled is an understatement! I (Carol) was particularly taken a back seeing the title/author page and the copyright page. It’s finally becoming really real and is starting to look like a cookbook!

We also got a first idea for the cover for the book. It’s not really what Karen and I had in mind, but we’ll work with them and will get if figured out. We’ll have the first draft to them by next weekend and will move on from there. Not until we’re done with the proofing and it moves onto the marketing department do we get a release date. Which is what we’re particularly excited for! Hopefully just in time for the holidays!

I also came across a couple of interesting food tidbits you might enjoy:

The first is a suggestion on what to do with leftover Sriracha from They’re not wasting a thing and we love it!

Last Bit of Sriracha!

The second is just a creative and healthy way to give and eat salads (from the Daily Dish). I just find the photo so pretty:

Salad in a Jar
Enjoy eating every bite!

Video and Link from America’s Test Kitchen

Just wanted to share a video and link that we saw over the weekend from America’s Test Kitchen.

The video is about the best way to cook good, crispy bacon, without it being too crispy and charred. Now I (C) love bacon, so I’m going to have to try this very soon. The technique looks quite interesting.



The link talks about the need for salting fattier cuts of meat. For our Tasty Pork Shoulder recipe in the upcoming cookbook, we have you salt the meat with a good amount of salt. We know that worries a lot of people that it’s too much salt, is bad for you, will make it too salty, but trust us (and America’s Test Kitchen): it will be delicious!
Fattier Meat Requires More Salt for Seasoning


C & K