Cookbook Photo (almost!)

It was a hard choice (it always is when we have to get rid of a picture; they’re all our babies!), but this one of our Roasted Chicken didn’t make the final cut. It sure was tasty though to snack on after we took pictures of it! Mmmm mmmm!!


The Why, When, and How: Checking the Temperature of Poultry

Why: You want to be sure your poultry is at the proper temperature because you want it completely cooked to minimize bacterial food poisoning.

When: You want to check the temperature before you think it’s done (say 10 minutes before the recipe says it will be cooked). You can always cook longer, but you don’t want to overcook!

How: You want to check your chicken (or other poultry) in two places: the breast and the thigh. Using a digital thermometer, take the temperature at the two places, being sure not to hit a bone. You want them to register 160 degrees. Check the breast first, as that is going to reach temperature first.


Here is a link to our video about checking the temperature, as well as a picture of our Perfect Roasted Chicken from back when we first started recipe testing for the cookbook!