Cookbook Update and Photo

“…we will now commence with the production process.”
As of an hour ago, all final paperwork was submitted to the publisher for the deadline to receive everything and begin working on it’s publication!

K and I got a great email back from the publishers this morning, with the last few words listed at the beginning of this post. I cannot really begin to tell you how seeing those words made me feel, but I’ll try! I felt satisfaction, excitement, panic, relief, calm, and proud all at the same time. My feelings/response were definitely an experience and quite honestly, it surprised me just how much everything hit me. Not something I will soon forget.

We are so exhausted and are so happy to have everything to them. We could have gone on and on with making tiny corrections here and there and tweaking until the late hours of the evening (which I did many times- especially recently to meet the deadline), but at some point, you have to stop and be thankful there is a deadline there to MAKE you stop. It’s in their hands now, so fingeres crossed!

Here’s a picture of the Balsamic Glazed Carrots that did not make the final cut for the cookbook.

More soon and much love-


Balsamic Glazed Carrots

The Why, When, and How: 4 Different Phases of Boiling Water

There are different phases of boiling water, depending on what it is needed for. Here we discuss and demonstrate for you..

Why: It’s important to use the correct phase; depending on the need. The wrong stage used with food preparation could mess things up (not to mention ruin your pots and pans and/or make a general mess in the kitchen!)

When: whenever your recipe calls for one of these phases.

How: adjust your stovetop temperature until the desired stage is reached. Be sure to use as many senses as possible! (don’t just use your eyes to see the phase; be sure to listen as well)

Note that K did this video before the name change to Every Bite, but the idea/mentality is the same. Great job K!


Karen and Carol

And may I (C) just say that my favorite parts of this video is 1) the “blub blub blubbing” description at around the 3:08 mark (K always makes me laugh) and that she actually sang a little bit of “Tiny Bubbles” (2:15ish)!  I heart her!

I just had to throw this extra video in because it cracks me up and while K & I are serious about our cookbook, we also love to embrace our quirkiness and silliness! (This also goes out to my sister Susan):

New Book Title and Blog Address!

Hi Everyone!

We are knee deep in getting the final draft together to be off to the publisher by the end of the month. It’s going to be an intense couple of weeks!

The biggest news we have right now is that we’ve changed our book title (thanks to all the family members and friends who helped us tweek this, but especially to Carol’s sister Jo Anne for really nailing it for us).
Instead of “Waste Free Cooking”, we are now “Every Bite”! We feel like this is a little better suited to our cookbook theme, while keeping it appetizing! We couldn’t be more thrilled and are excited to keep working towards our goal of a published cookbook.

Please note that the url for this blog page has changed slightly to relect the new name. We have set it up to redirect you from the old address, but please let us know if you notice any issues.

Old address:
New address:

Much love and thanks to all our supporters-
Carol & Karen